Holistic Doula Care

What is Holistic Doula Care from Yema Mama doulas?

(Need to know what a “Doula” is first?)

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Yema Mamas believes that every woman needs sisters to walk alongside her and her husband or support partner through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum seasons of being a mama for a healthy, honoring, and empowering entrance into these sacred and difficult seasons as mamas!

We do this as a birth doula (Jana) and postpartum doula (Katy) working together to give excellent doula care through it all!

With our Holistic Doula care, we provide two prenatal visits to prepare for birth, belly henna art (if desired), on call support to meet you in labor at home or hospital, pain management and emotional support through birth, professional birth photography, on call support for postpartum doubts and needs, 3 postpartum care visits at your home from body healing and replenishing to emotional processing and babycare, and lastly a closing visit to reflect and story tell with the birth photos.

We believe that this level of intentional supportive care for families from pregnancy to 6-8 weeks after birth allows women to thrive as mothers.  This nurturing care also teaches women and their families through receiving such depth of care, how to build a new normal into the women of their community, cultivating openness and nurturing care through the childbearing years and beyond.

We would love to care for you in this journey. Contact us to set up a free 45 minute consultation to meet us and learn more to see if we are a good fit for you!

To meet us in person and learn more, contact us to set up a free 45 minute consultation.