Using Your Motherly Intuition

I’ve observed in new moms and new families after they have a baby the importance of trusting your intuition (or trusting your gut).

As a postpartum doula, I believe a parent’s intuition is super important. I am constantly encouraging families to trust themselves.

I don’t know if it’s just the way that our culture is formed right now, or because of how we view pregnancy and postpartum and parenthood, but I’m seeing a lot of moms doubt their intuition.

Or perhaps mamas are not even aware of how valuable their intuition and voice really is.

You Already Know

As doulas, friends, and family we have the opportunity to ask moms questions and help them realize how they already know their baby and to care for their baby in a way that feels best to them.

I believe it’s important to point out specific ways mamas DO advocate for themselves and their baby, helping them to see that they actually know what was best for her and her baby.

Again, why this is so important is because we are flooded with information and other’s opinions such as what is the “best” kind of pump to use, breastfeeding versus formula, postpartum depression versus baby blues, are you using cloth diapers, “What’s that rash on my baby?” etc.

Listen to Yourself

Though it is wise to listen to people’s advice (especially people that are close to you), it is also wise to take a moment and search/find where you have peace around your preferences!

Do you feel peace? Or are you unsettled? Are you worried about something?

Really listen to that intuition. Remember that you were created in such a way to especially know and care for this specific baby that you’ve been given.

I see families flourish when they can quiet all the advice (and when they stop searching on the internet!) that they’re are given and to come up with something that feels peaceable for them. They realize that they really do have the tools, what’s inside them, to take care of their baby.

So with all the new baby and parenthood questions that are out there, it can still be valuable to ask for advice but also remember as parents, you get to filter that through your own gut feeling, your intuition. Remember your intuition and voice are valuable!