Hot Stone Abdominal Massage for Mamas After Birth

What is Hot Stone Abdominal Massage?

A hot stone abdominal massage is a great healing tool to use for after you have a baby.
It is a technique used to bring warmth and comfort to a mama’s abdomen.
I typically make my stone bundles with a mixture of these herbs:
  • black pepper
  • cumin
  • cardamom
  • ginger
  • nutmeg
  • turmeric
  • anise
These particular herbs are traditionally used and known to stimulate circulation and aid in digestion.
The hot stone massage infuses deep heat over the entire body, with the focus on the abdomen and torso area.

The benefits

Bringing heat to the abdominal area after having a baby promotes shrinking of the womb, expels trapped air, helps with digestion and constipation, and lastly breaks up residual blood clots allowing for the lochia (postpartum bleeding) to flow more easily speeding the healing process.

Supplies to Make Your Own Stone Bundle

-River stone (roughly around 3lbs)
Crockpot to heat your stone
Piece of cloth (approximately 12inx12in or large enough to wrap your river stone)
-String to tie/or strong rubber band to bundle together
Unscented lotion and/or carrier oil (vitamin E, sesame, coconut, olive oil) for massage

How to Make and Use Your Bundle

1. Heat a your river stone in a crock pot or over a medium flame.

2. Lay out your fabric/cloth.

3. Place your herbs and spices  in the middle of the fabric.

4. Take the heated stone (be careful it’s hot!) and place it on top of the spice/herbs.

5. Gather and twist the fabric above the stone and then tie it tightly with a piece of string or rubber band.

6. Use oil/lotion and begin massaging the abdomen (CLOCKWISE!!).

7. Begin using the hot stone bundle to press, massage, and circle clockwise on the abdomen.

8. If your stone needs re-heating, place the whole bundle in the crock pot and continue massaging with oils/lotion until the stone is hot again.

 9. After using the hot stone abdominal technique, this is an optimal time to use a belly bind.