Why I Started Caring for Postpartum Mamas & Families

As a mama and a postpartum doula, I wanted to share some thoughts with you about something that I've been thinking about today!
I just put my daughter down for a nap. As I was laying with her, I had was reflecting on the mamas that I've had the honor and privilege of sitting with after they've had a baby.
I've learned significantly from each of these mamas and the importance of postpartum care.

My Inspiration...

I was inspired into the work of a postpartum doula when I had a photography business. During my time doing newborn photoshoots, I found myself sitting with these families and listening to their stories.
I had the realization that we as a community were not caring very well for new families, especially first-time families.
I am grateful for those times and also that I had just finished my counseling graduate program. With my education, I felt equipped to ask helpful questions while sitting with them in a beautifully vulnerable season of life.
With these experiences of sitting with families, I began to reflect on how we could be caring for them differently and why this may be important.
This was the beginning for me and what sparked my passion for caring for postpartum families.

Planning ahead for postpartum...

I also observed that postpartum care wasn't commonly on a mama's radar.
After a family finds out that they are expecting a baby, they pour much energy and time into choosing a care provider, birth preference planning for positive birth experiences, and birth education.
These are indeed significant decisions.
However, the conversation around the profound transition for a mama after having a baby seems to get overlooked.
The importance of postpartum care is obviously something I'm passionate about.
I hope to share and have more conversations around this topic.

Let's brainstorm together now on how to care for families postpartum....

I would love to brainstorm with you all about what we can do to care more wholly for families after they have a baby.
If you've received postpartum care either from me, another postpartum doula, or someone in your community (your mom, sister, auntie), I would love to hear:
Why did you receive help?
What specifically was helpful for you?
Was this something that you paid for?
Was it worth it?
Please comment and share why you think it's important or not important to have care after having a baby!