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Music in Labor – Birth Stories & Tips
We recently received an email from a woman who is expecting a baby soon. What an honor it was to read through her encouraging words and hear… Read more "Music in Labor – Birth Stories & Tips" Read more.
5 Tips to Prevent Isolation in Motherhood
5 Ideas to Reduce and Prevent Isolation in Motherhood The experiences of isolation and feeling alone are things I hear often from mamas. I often ponder why… Read more "5 Tips to Prevent Isolation in Motherhood" Read more.
3 Step Guide for What To Do When Labor Starts
I’m going to give you a three step guide for what to do when your labor starts… #1 Relax & Don’t Tell ALL It is so important… Read more "3 Step Guide for What To Do When Labor Starts" Read more.
Lemon Balm – Benefits, Harvesting, & Making Tea
Gardening with Lemon Balm Summer is here and my garden is luscious and happy! Last year I decided I wanted one garden bed dedicated for herbs. One… Read more "Lemon Balm – Benefits, Harvesting, & Making Tea" Read more.
Your Friend Just Had a Baby- How to Be a Helpful Visitor
 Visitors After Baby Your neighbor, sister, or co-worker just had a baby. You are thinking about stopping by to meet the new little bundle and are excited… Read more "Your Friend Just Had a Baby- How to Be a Helpful Read more.
4 Common Terms Used to Talk about Birth, Explained!
Birth is a sensitive topic for women! Our births are often the most challenging, vulnerable, and memorable moments of our lives. There are four words we often… Read more "4 Common Terms Used to Talk about Birth, Explained!" Read more.
The Art of Receiving Help After Baby
I have listened to many mamas, family members, and friends about their personal stories and/or experiences with a loved one that is struggling after having a baby.… Read more "The Art of Receiving Help After Baby" Read more.
The Difference between a Doula and Midwife
People often ask me what the difference is between a doula and a midwife. Both words ‘doula’ and ‘midwife’ are a little bit unusual in our culture… Read more "The Difference between a Doula and Midwife" Read more.

Meet the Doulas

Jana J.

I have been a doula for six years (CAPPA certified) and a childbirth educator for 3 years (trained at Bastyr University) and have attended more than 90 births. I began my midwifery education with Mercy In Action in January 2017. I LOVE serving families through the birth of their child.  I believe it is one of the most significant experiences anyone will have in their entire lives. Why not make it amazing?!

Katy L.

After receiving my M.A. in Counseling Psychology, I started a photography business. Through sitting with new moms at newborn photos sessions and my own profound transition from maiden to mom, my passion to nurture, support, & create healing spaces for women was birthed. I completed a 6-month apprenticeship with a seasoned local doula and certified with The Art of Sacred Postpartum. I believe every women deserves to be welcomed into motherhood through gentle and loving care.


Jessica, Tiarra, & Alexis

Introducing Jessica, Tiarra, and Alexis. We are beyond excited for these three beautiful ladies to be joining the Yema Mamas team as apprentices for the next year! We long to see more women wholly cared for in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Let’s reclaim and continue to pass on the art of women caring for women in this profound transition of maiden to mother!!

About Us

Doulas Jana & Katy work together to bring their birth & postpartum services to families in the Tacoma/Seattle area as Yema Mamas.

‘Yema’ means flower bud in Spanish, which represents birthing new life. We believe Jesus is our source and giver of new life. Our mission is to attentively nurture families by serving women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum seasons of being a mama. We serve women through this vulnerable and spiritual transition with passion and knowledge.

We desire to see all women wholly loved and supported through their transition from pregnancy to motherhood. We aim to empower women to love and nurture each other in community to ease and honor the new life of a mother.

To meet us in person and learn more, contact us to set up a free 45 minute consultation.